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So. I'm now transferred and settled in. Still a little lost but otherwise I'm liking this over the other journals. My only problem has been NOT going on a mad deleting spree with all my old entries. I sure have a lot of crap, and say a lot of stupid things. I think I'll cross post to my old journals still, included this one. But I probably won't bother to update them individually. But comment where you will.

Lets see... Right now I'm reading mostly Buffy/Angel fanfiction. So I might put a few recs up for that. Might do some icons too, I've got that itch.

I LOVE delicious. It's made me so much more organized. Everything I read, or thought about reading is there. Keep in mind though that an 'unread' tag means that I haven't read it and don't know if it's any good. When I get the time to read those I take off the tag. Can I recommend starting with the "Favorites" tag. The best stuff goes there.

Til Later!
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Possession of the Heart
Author: [ profile] romaine24
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius (Harry/Ginny Harry/OC OC/Scorpius)
Summary: Harry loves his life and would never want it to change. But when violence upsets the very foundations of his world, he finds himself turning to the one person whose heart he's protected from the start.
Warning(s): Character Death (not Harry Scorpius Draco), Violence
Word Count: 51,500

Rec: I can not recommend this highly enough. I left a review if you want to read it but it does contain some spoliers, though i tried to keep them to a minimum. It's excellent work.

Review: Read at your own risk. )
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AN: This is just a silly, stupid, little blurb, mostly a rant that I had in my own head that sounded an awful lot like Hermione. Takes place sometime in third year.

Title: Rats, Cats, and Owls )
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Faerietayle » Kamerreon
AU: Harry Potter had completed his task, the Dark Lord was dead. He believed no one would ever love or understand him. Luna told him there was a chance for both. Yet, to be happy he would have to suffer all over again. He agreed. Love was worth it. HPHP
Harry Potter - Fiction Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 68,940 - Reviews: 814 - Updated: 3-24-09 - Published: 1-11-09 - Harry P. & Harry P. -
Status Complete
My Thoughts: One of the best stories out there!
EDIT 31/7/2010 Kay's moved all her stuff onto her wonderful very cool yahoo group:
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I don't know how well this will work but I wanted to keep a record of all the stories i read.... whether I liked them or not, and why and where to find them. So a "reading Journal." Mostly, like I said, it's for me. But I've made it so others can also enjoy.

Gives You Hell by azzie adams HP/Twilight slash )

Misguided Roses by Branwen777 HP slash HP/Charlie )

The Red by Branwen777 HP/LoTR slash HP/Legolas )

The Darker Side of Me by Branwen777 HP slash HP/OC )
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OK. So how I discovered my new love: Numb3rs... found [ profile] crack_broom, found [ profile] crack_van, found crossover of medium/numb3rs called Go-Cart Charlie which is a brilliant fic if you like either TV show! Highly rec! From there I went to CBS Numb3rs and watched all 4 episodes available. And said Woah HOT! and SLASHY, and FUN and GOTTA HAVE MORE! So now my online rent a movie queue is full of all 4 seasons of Numb3rs. Now to find my slash! Google helps and I find the Numb3rs Awards! Yea! Under slash fic and novella I found a wonderful story by Lady Gray who wrote the wonderful "Vignettes and Thoughts upon a Life Unplanned but Well Loved " which is slash, long, and well written. I loved it! And now because I'm so new I kinda expect to see a character called Ester show up cause she just seems so... canon.

To sum up that awful run on sentence: )
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So this is my first post that has a significant amount of icons created by me. *Clap for me* Included are holiday, harry potter, and stock or a mixture of two or these ie harry potter holiday. Also forgive me in advance for over usage of snow.
Rules: )

001 002 003

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Resource page
Every resource I download will be here, even if I don't use it. Eventually this will be a very long list!


ainohanako: Snowlights brushes/textures x3
blogosaur: 9 flames brush set *lost link*
extraobsession: frame and tiny text set
eirenealetheia: Sharpie brush set, Spectrum gradiant set
icon-dreams: Initials brush set, christmas textures
kloud-nine (or LJ): Plaid_boxes set, and Feathers set
mutsie: Banner Masks #15
shiranui: "Ice Ice Baby" brush set, "Autumn Glory" brush set, Christmas brush set

PICTURES : Harry Potter promo shots, wonderful site.
Leaky Galleries : Harry Potter : stock photos
nihil-est @ livejournal : Screen caps for Numb3rs episodes: rampage, one hour, and dark matter

ET: Hopefully the links work now.
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So I saw an tutorial on changing hair color. When I saw a lovely picture of disgruntled!Ron I couldn't resist my impulse.
Here's the icons:
1. Ron with green hair with words I'll get you Malfoy 2. Ron with green hair with words I'll get you Malfoy
I did it at a very big size though and now I think that the words just blah. You can barely read them. So I redid it without and left it to the viewer's imagination how Ron ended up with slytherin green hair. Maybe he wants to be an umpa lumpa for halloween? By the way anyone is more than welcome to have the icons, just comment to me and give credit to me by putting my ij name in the comments of the icon.

Behind the cut is the full size version.Read more... )
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Rec: Requiem At Dusk
Author: Unrevealed (part of [ profile] snarry_holidays gift exchange)
Word Count: ~49,000
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Summary: Harry would do anything for his son, even follow in Orpheus's footsteps.

my comments and rec: )
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Rec Title: Lamp in the Cooling Room by sansa1970
Characters/Pairing: Harry/Draco, 6 year old female OC
Wordcount: ~9000
Rating: R
Summary: Draco and Harry become snared in a trap, but they're not alone. Love guides our path for reasons we can't always understand.
Author's Note The Lovers: A card of crossroads, tension, and a decision. Duty or your heart's desire? A test that affects the rest of your life. Endless thanks to my beta readers.
My Comments )
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Rec: When the Rose and the Fire Are One by perverse-idyll
Character(s): Harry/Severus
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 81,000+
Summary: Harry's haunted by guilt. Snape's warded by roses. Each must free the other in order to free himself.
My comments and review to the author )
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I've decided to rec stories I like here. With the tag system I think if I put keywords for each rec, including mood themes, I'll be able to find all the fics I want under that. Unfortuneatly this means that everything I find I will have already read, but... well when I'm in a mood it will help me. And maybe somebody will also read this and enjoy these wonderful stories. Far warning though, like the three posts that will come after this one, I like to follow an author till I either reach the end of their stories or at least the ones I enjoy. Maybe if I have time later I'll rec stories I haven't read recently.

ETA: I've decided to friend lock all but the most innocent recs, but please feel free to friend me, or even comment that you would like to be friended,ans I'll fiend you!
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Hey, so I started a journal with blogger for a class, and decided to make a fun journal, for the other things I like. So as not to bore my classmates. I like art and I am going to school for Graphic Design, I'll graduate end of this year.

I love books, I'm reading constantly... well as long as the book has no redeeming educational value. ;) My favorites are anything by Mercedes Lackey, Robbin Hobb(except for the soldier son series... those are just weird), or J.K. Rowling(in other words Harry Potter). I like to read fan fiction but find it hard lately to find long, well-written fics.

About the pen name Fool is a character in Robbin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders Trilogy, and her Tawny Man Trilogy, and is my favorite character ever! Hence my journal name!

I have little interest in working around the TV's schedule and sadly do not have a tvo or anything like it. So I make do with renting my series all a once and go on a spree on the weekend. Which means I'm usually a season... or seven behind the times. *shrug* Mostly I don't care. I like to watch the sci-fi/fantasy/dark fantasy types, stargate (sg-1 and Atlantis), ghost whisperer, star treks, quantum leap(old favorite). My current favorite is Medium.

Well there's my intro to me!


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