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slash fan disclaimer

It should be noted that I do not own any of the fandoms this journal participates it. While all the stories I read and write are entertaining, they have very little to do with the actual characters/persons that they are based off of. Nor do I or their various authors make money in their production.

It should be noted that I enjoy slash stories. Slash for the uninformed is fandom slang for creative works that represent two men in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Femslash, likewise is for creative works involving two women in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Also, some of the stories mentioned on this journal will be sexually explicit. If this bothers you, please go somewhere you are not bothered, the web is a big place.

Even if you are OK with sexually explicit material, I ask you to read the warnings and descriptions on every story, so you may be fully informed.

Harry Potter

Pairing History

I started fandom as a Draco/Harry devotee. After a few years though, that gets old. Than the same for Harry/Snape. And again for Harry/Lucius. It seems that when a pairing becomes popular a template is unofficially set up, and all the stories look the same. There are some wonderful Drarry, Snarry, and H/L stories out there, that a beautifully crafted works of art. But they must be beautifully crafted, highly rec-ed works to get my attention.

Rare Pair

I stick with rarer pairings, lately, even if they're usually still Harry-centric. Such as Harry with Neville, Blaise, Kingsley, Bill, Young!Albus, Tom or original male characters etc. Because the pairing is different, this 'forces' the author to step out of the cliches... usually. And makes for a better fanfic. Or I read crossovers.

The Crossover Man!

I really don't know what it is about Harry Potter the character. Whatever it is, it allows him to be paired with almost any person, anywhere, any when. Whether that's with Jack O'Neill, Legolas, Jean-Claude, Sam Winchester, Xander, or Yugi. Not even mentioning their female equivalents. He can be light, dark, grey, determined, lazy, or heartbreakingly sad.

Other than Harry

While 70% of my reading and writing is in the HP fandom, I'm not exclusive. However these cycle through as the mood strikes me and as authors I love introduce me to new fandoms. I've never watched anime, but I've becuase of Esama, among others, I've enjoyed several YuGiOh stories and crossovers. I do have favorite fandoms though, which include but are not limited to: Stargate SG1/Atlantis, Buffy/Angel, Lord of the Rings, Anita Blake, Supernatural, NCIS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Smallville, Startrek, Transformers, Twilight, X-Man, Criminal Minds, and CSI.

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