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Hey, so I started a journal with blogger for a class, and decided to make a fun journal, for the other things I like. So as not to bore my classmates. I like art and I am going to school for Graphic Design, I'll graduate end of this year.

I love books, I'm reading constantly... well as long as the book has no redeeming educational value. ;) My favorites are anything by Mercedes Lackey, Robbin Hobb(except for the soldier son series... those are just weird), or J.K. Rowling(in other words Harry Potter). I like to read fan fiction but find it hard lately to find long, well-written fics.

About the pen name Fool is a character in Robbin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders Trilogy, and her Tawny Man Trilogy, and is my favorite character ever! Hence my journal name!

I have little interest in working around the TV's schedule and sadly do not have a tvo or anything like it. So I make do with renting my series all a once and go on a spree on the weekend. Which means I'm usually a season... or seven behind the times. *shrug* Mostly I don't care. I like to watch the sci-fi/fantasy/dark fantasy types, stargate (sg-1 and Atlantis), ghost whisperer, star treks, quantum leap(old favorite). My current favorite is Medium.

Well there's my intro to me!
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