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Possession of the Heart
Author: [ profile] romaine24
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius (Harry/Ginny Harry/OC OC/Scorpius)
Summary: Harry loves his life and would never want it to change. But when violence upsets the very foundations of his world, he finds himself turning to the one person whose heart he's protected from the start.
Warning(s): Character Death (not Harry Scorpius Draco), Violence
Word Count: 51,500

Rec: I can not recommend this highly enough. I left a review if you want to read it but it does contain some spoliers, though i tried to keep them to a minimum. It's excellent work.

Review: Read at your own risk. )
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Faerietayle » Kamerreon
AU: Harry Potter had completed his task, the Dark Lord was dead. He believed no one would ever love or understand him. Luna told him there was a chance for both. Yet, to be happy he would have to suffer all over again. He agreed. Love was worth it. HPHP
Harry Potter - Fiction Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 68,940 - Reviews: 814 - Updated: 3-24-09 - Published: 1-11-09 - Harry P. & Harry P. -
Status Complete
My Thoughts: One of the best stories out there!
EDIT 31/7/2010 Kay's moved all her stuff onto her wonderful very cool yahoo group:
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I don't know how well this will work but I wanted to keep a record of all the stories i read.... whether I liked them or not, and why and where to find them. So a "reading Journal." Mostly, like I said, it's for me. But I've made it so others can also enjoy.

Gives You Hell by azzie adams HP/Twilight slash )

Misguided Roses by Branwen777 HP slash HP/Charlie )

The Red by Branwen777 HP/LoTR slash HP/Legolas )

The Darker Side of Me by Branwen777 HP slash HP/OC )
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OK. So how I discovered my new love: Numb3rs... found [ profile] crack_broom, found [ profile] crack_van, found crossover of medium/numb3rs called Go-Cart Charlie which is a brilliant fic if you like either TV show! Highly rec! From there I went to CBS Numb3rs and watched all 4 episodes available. And said Woah HOT! and SLASHY, and FUN and GOTTA HAVE MORE! So now my online rent a movie queue is full of all 4 seasons of Numb3rs. Now to find my slash! Google helps and I find the Numb3rs Awards! Yea! Under slash fic and novella I found a wonderful story by Lady Gray who wrote the wonderful "Vignettes and Thoughts upon a Life Unplanned but Well Loved " which is slash, long, and well written. I loved it! And now because I'm so new I kinda expect to see a character called Ester show up cause she just seems so... canon.

To sum up that awful run on sentence: )


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