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Possession of the Heart
Author: [ profile] romaine24
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius (Harry/Ginny Harry/OC OC/Scorpius)
Summary: Harry loves his life and would never want it to change. But when violence upsets the very foundations of his world, he finds himself turning to the one person whose heart he's protected from the start.
Warning(s): Character Death (not Harry Scorpius Draco), Violence
Word Count: 51,500

Rec: I can not recommend this highly enough. I left a review if you want to read it but it does contain some spoliers, though i tried to keep them to a minimum. It's excellent work.

Review: "This was like a perfect massage. In the end I was left energized, calm, and very happy. During it it was a pleasure with points of pain that had be worked out.

Seriously, I haven't seen such a canon compliant wonderful slash fic since.... before HBP came out. That's probably not true but it feels like it at the moment.

First you character development for all the characters, but especially Harry and Scorpius was extremely solid and believable. Never did they deviate from the character that you developed. Also you developed Scorpius spectacularly. A problem with him in fanfiction is he often becomes mini-draco. Which I find horrible, it takes a good author to make me like Draco in the main pairing.

Second. Romantically it rocks! How you developed it... wow. I like the getting to know each other. I like the honesty in the relationship from day one. When Harry comes into his room after S graduates... I like both that he didn't kick him out or yell at him, nor did he take him up on the very lovely offer. It was perfect. Speaking of perfect, the when they got together was perfect. You set up the opportunities for them to get together in lust, jealously, grief, or 'one of us could die tomorrow.' Any of these would have been fine but that they come together for nothing less than real honest love, just makes my heart burst.

Last. The Auror plot was wonderful! Just enough to distract from the fact that the pairing still hasn't got together yet(wink) without becoming a whole different story. They meld perfectly, I can see Shacklebolt and the Wraith and everything else. It was great.

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful, compelling, believable story! I know it must have taken a lot of work."


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