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So I saw an tutorial on changing hair color. When I saw a lovely picture of disgruntled!Ron I couldn't resist my impulse.
Here's the icons:
1. Ron with green hair with words I'll get you Malfoy 2. Ron with green hair with words I'll get you Malfoy
I did it at a very big size though and now I think that the words just blah. You can barely read them. So I redid it without and left it to the viewer's imagination how Ron ended up with slytherin green hair. Maybe he wants to be an umpa lumpa for halloween? By the way anyone is more than welcome to have the icons, just comment to me and give credit to me by putting my ij name in the comments of the icon.

Behind the cut is the full size version.
large version of ron with green hair with the words i'll get you malfoy

I would have liked to have given some credit to the tutorial as it was very good but I can't find it now! I could have sworn I made the comm a friend but... Oh well, until I find it again. If someone happens to read this who know of a hair changing tutorial give me a 'babble' please and tell me where.


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