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Rec: Requiem At Dusk
Author: Unrevealed (part of [ profile] snarry_holidays gift exchange)
Word Count: ~49,000
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Summary: Harry would do anything for his son, even follow in Orpheus's footsteps.

Comments: What the story summery should say is, "Harry would go to Hell for his son, literally." So there we are Hell. Only it's a mix of various mythologies and has very very few things in common with the Christian Hell. I think, that it relies mostly on norse and greek myths/legends, but I really couldn't say for certain. I know Hades a one or two other names mentioned but otherwise... eh. But it really doesn't matter because for every character that matters you get an explanation why they matter to the story. It's very smoothly done, because Harry himself doesn't know who all these people who rule the beneathworld are and needs Snape's help to make his way. I want to say more but this is spoiler enough. It is a very smooth long wonderful ride. The only thing to detract from it is that it made me philosophical about death and the afterlife and that distracted me. You see you can die after your dead. And while there is an afterLife, there is no afterDeath, you know. Something in my soul just recoils at the though of a final splat, you done, finished, there isn't anymore. And if we all did end of in a place where everyone lives forever... unless killed, I think we would have a lot more care about killing instead of... well going on as we do now. But maybe I'm an optimist to think that humanity could change that much.


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